Not Your Usual Yoga Class

Yoga for Singers is designed specifically to enable easeful vocal function. Each class takes a traditional yoga pose, technique, or philosophy and directs it toward concepts often discussed and practiced in the voice studio. Yoga for Singers makes vocal technique a lived and felt experience.

  • 1

    The Mind Body Connection

    • Directing the Indirect Musculature of the Voice

  • 2

    Hold Your Instrument

    • Developing Pelvic and Thoracic Alignment

  • 3

    Kapalabhati Breath

    • Learning to Breathe "Low"

  • 4

    Dirga Breath

    • The Three Part Breath and Muscular Antagonism

  • 5

    Tongue Tension

    • Tongue Tension is Shoulder Tension

  • 6

    Jaw Tension

    • Jaw Tension is Hip Tension

  • 7

    Be the Warrior

    • Find Power in Your Singing

  • 8

    Find Your Flow

    • Learning to Sing Legato

  • 9

    Stand Your Ground

    • Combat Performance Anxiety

  • 10

    The Third Nature

    • Find Your Authentic Voice